Doricelys N. Martinez is the President and Executive Director of Cuidado Casero Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)3 organization who through scholarships, mentoring, educational workshops, and career guidance will support the mission to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the healthcare of our nation and the communities we serve.

Prior to taking the position at Cuidado Casero Foundation, Ms. Martinez served as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Medica Health Management; a single source management company, for 22 years.  Medica Health Management provides solutions for Home Health and Hospice administration.  As the Senior Vice-President of Human Resources, she has produced enduring, positive results within her administrative role and its employees.  More than an analyst, Ms. Martinez has influenced and persuaded top working people in the health field whose opinion and expertise is highly sought after and whose judgement is respected and trusted.

Ms. Martinez combines her unique blend of non-profit and leadership management experience to lead and promote the Cuidado Casero Foundation mission, vision and multi-faceted programs.  Ms. Martinez loves what she does, and her passion and heart has always been to give to those in need and to say “yes” regardless of what the project may entail.  She believes that all of us need to mentor and provide leadership to the Hispanic/Latino future leaders of our community and increasing awareness through available support, education, and resources.

She is an indefatigable leader in giving to those in most need.  Ms. Martinez has spent years and continues evangelizing the industry into giving, volunteering and charitable work in her community.

She is a demanding provocateur who stirs up the best in people.  As a board member, she has helped The North Texas Chapter of PAMS, a core of physicians and health care professionals who have provided free medical care to more than 1400 patients, 350 surgical procedures and treated respiratory illnesses in underprivileged/underserved areas of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, and Yantaló, Peru; helping many patients, mainly children and young adults, undergo life changing and complicated reconstructive surgical procedures.

Since 2010, Ms. Martinez, rooted in humanitarian concerns, has been working the fundraising galas and other events for NTLAPA and North Texas PAMS, American Heart Association, and DFW Peruvian Association.  She has been passionate in raising awareness and embracing her core values of giving-back, opportunity, education as reflected by her volunteering on the Peru missions, June 2017.

Ms. Martinez holds a Master’s of Science.  She is a calculated risk taker, always weighing the needs of the people she serves and continuously driving her company to excel in innovation, care, and compliance in the regulatory driven healthcare field.


“ I am so honored to be leading an organization that directly helps Hispanic students pursuing a degree in nursing and their families achieve their goals in life.  As the number of Hispanic students seeking a college education is rapidly growing, it is important to provide the mentorship, financial assistance, workshops, and college preparation resources to ensure their success within the communities they will serve.”

doris@cuidadocaserofoundation.org (817) 310-1100
Doricelys Martinez