Graciela Reyes Salinas,  RN, MS, CNE

Graciela R. Salinas, was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. She graduated from undergraduate nursing at UANL in 1981. In 1983 Graciela migrated to Chicago, Il with very little money and a lot of hope. In 1987 and after considerable work and studying hard Graciela was able to get the license to practice professional nursing in the USA. In 2008 Graciela completed a Master degree in Nursing Education.


Graciela has held positions in staff nursing in coronary care, neuro, ICU, Spinal Cord Injury. In 1993, because of her bilingual abilities, Graciela was offered the position of patient educator; later director of education. Since then nursing education has been the focus of her career. Currently Graciela is a Staff Development Specialist at the Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Dallas, TX. Her passion to help internationally educated nurses earn her the “Outstanding Woman of the Year” award from the American Psychology Association.


Part of Graciela’s work is teaching at Texas Woman’s University, where she holds an Assistant Clinical Professor. There Graciela teaches at the undergraduate level. The only Mexican at the university, Graciela is sought by minority and international students as a role model; and from her peers for guidance to provide culturally sensitive teaching.


The LVN to RN bridge program at the VA North Texas Health Care System is directed and coordinated by Graciela. Thru this program several Licensed Vocational Nurses have completed academic course under Graciela’s tutorship and are now professional registered nurses. The program has been in place since 2010 and maintains a 100% success rate.


Graciela R. Salinas has been invited as a speaker in local, national, and international professional nursing conferences to discuss topics as neuro rehab, diabetes, coronary care, and nursing education among others. Throughout her 32 years of nursing career she has received numerous awards.